What is the relationship between Crossroads and Unpolished?

Awesome, that's what! Unpolished is a concept born out of a group of like-minded, entrepreneurial individuals who are active attendees at Crossroads. We work closely with Crossroads leadership with the goal of connecting with the greater entrepreneurial community at large.

Are your events for Crossroads attendees only?

Nope, we welcome everybody! Come one entrepreneur, come all! From our speaker series to our coworking days, no Unpolished event is for Crossroads attendees only. We welcome anyone and everyone who wishes to impact our city’s growing entrepreneurial culture as a whole.

Do I have to be a Christ-follower to be involved?

Nope. Unpolished is rooted in the Christian faith but you do not have to be a Christ-follower to get involved. While our events and programming will always be based in Christianity, they will be engaging to all, and our doors are open to everyone!

How can I get involved?

Show up! What we love about entrepreneurs is their ability to get things accomplished quickly and efficiently. Do you want to volunteer? Is there a subgroup you think is needed in the Unpolished community? Shoot us an email!

Who can I talk to about my business?

Everyone! Get active in the Unpolished community. Attend events, volunteer or connect with the other entrepreneurs you meet. You’ll get to talk about your business before you know it.

Why do you serve beer?

Mmm, beer. Beer is delicious, but that’s neither here nor there. We want Unpolished to feel different from a standard “church event.” It’s not about the beer; it’s about community, networking, building relationships and starting a conversation. A drink can help act as an icebreaker. We expect everyone to act responsibly.

What is the leadership structure of Unpolished?

Highly fractal... Just kidding. The leadership structure of Unpolished is comprised of a group of 10 men and women who regularly attend Crossroads. The team is responsible for programming and events.