Unpolished Training

Unpolished Training

- Unpolished Office (Downtown)

- Every Wednesday 

- Nine-Week Program

- 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Program Description

Unpolished Training: Faith and Business Essentials Program is a nine-week training program equipping entrepreneurs with skills and community to move the business forward. Learn how to sustain a viable business but not at the cost of health, family, or faith.

Entrepreneurs solve meaningful problems, provide needed services, and create lasting impact in the community. However, founders can feel stuck, lacking the necessary business skills to grow, resulting in feelings of fear, isolation, and uncertainty.

During training, you and other small business owners will learn the Unpolished Faith and Business Canvas. Experienced small business owners will teach you critical skills and practices to take your business from floundering to flourishing. Additionally, your business will continue to be supported by a mentor, who will connect with you and your group of classmates for twelve months after graduating the program.


The Program - $699

Sessions held every Wednesday starting Sept 27th.

Week 1 - Knowing Yourself/ Perspective: Jesus the Builder

Participants will know the plan for the program, the group, and yourself: our strengths, your limitations and the importance of bringing the right people on your team.

Business Topics:

  • Assumptions
  • Working Styles
  • Team Building
  • Obstacles

Tools and Practices:

  • Hearing/ /Doing Matrix
  • Iceberg vs. Image Leader
  • Character vs. Competency Matrix


Week 2- Knowing Your Customer/ People

Participants will know your customer, the problem they have, alternate solutions, the solution you offer, and the advantage you have over the competition.  

Business Topics:

  • Problem
  • Solution/ Benefit
  • Competition/ Advantage
  • Customer

Tools and Practices:

  • Person of Peace Strategy
  • The Five C's
  • Finding People of Potential


Week 3 - Getting the Relationship Right/ Brand Identity

Participants will understand the importance of customer relationships, how to build them and how to communicate the core message of the business through multiple channels.

Business Topics:

  • Marketing & Message
  • Getting, Keeping, and Growing Customers

Tools and Practices:

  • 3 Elements of a Business - Brand Identity
  • The 5 V's Worksheet
  • Vision/ Values Matrix


Week 4- Building to Scale/ Market Impact

Participants will be able to identify ways to start small, what you are selling and how it gets to the customer, how you get paid for it, and how much to charge.

Business Topics:

  • Starting Small
  • Distribution
  • Revenue
  • Typical Sale/ Price

Tools and Practices:

  • Scaleable vs. Sustainable
  • Invitation vs. Challenge Matrix
  • Connection vs. Distinction Matrix


Week 5- Strengthening Your Structure/ Culture Integrity

Participants will understand why legal stuff matters and know the steps you need to take to address legal concerns.

Business Topics:

  • Business Structures
  • Licenses
  • IP, Hiring

Tools and Practices:

  • Leadership Pipeline - Recruit, Train, Deploy, Review
  • Leadership Square
  • Learning Circle
  • Information - Imitation - Innovation Triangle


Week 6 - Discovering the Bottom Line/ Priorities

Participants will understand all the costs associated with starting and running a business, as well as how to find a break-even point that is realistic.

Business Topics:

  • Startup & Ongoing Needs
  • Fixed and Variable Costs
  • Break-Even Point

Tools and Practices:

  • The Five Capitals
  • Investment Worksheet
  • Four Views of the Master


Week 7- Accounting for Growth/ Orbits and Rhythms

Participants will know the break-even point and understand how to adjust it. Also, approximately how long it will take to break even, and understand the importance of cash flow and keeping accurate financial records.

Business Topics:

  • Break-Even Point
  • Sales Projections
  • Cash Flow
  • Accounting

Tools and Practices:

  • Play vs. Purpose Semi-Circle
  • Recovery Rate/ Pace


Week 8  - Planning for the Future/ Growth and Impact

Participants will have a plan in place for moving forward and workable business model to serve as the base for your pitch.

Business Topics:

  • Raising Capital
  • Growth Plans
  • Goal Setting
  • Pitch Prep

Tools and Practices:

  • Quarterly Planning
  • Five Capitals for Planning
  • Navigating Season of Change and Transition


Week 9- Celebration Week/ Importance of Praise

Participants will celebrate your accomplishments, encourage others in the group, go with the purpose and understand the continued support available.


*Unpolished Training Alumni will be matched with a mentor who will serve as an ongoing coach and main sound board for twelve months after the program concludes. Each month, your mentor will meet with you and your class to discuss challenges, progress, and possible next steps.

Who should apply

Aspiring to established entrepreneurs who are the business founder and/ or co-founder.

- Entrepreneurs whose businesses operate or are founded in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region

Typical types of businesses include

- Tech startups

- Manufacturing

- Retail

- Restaurant

- Non-Profits

- Service

- Coaching/ Consulting