About Unpolished

Faith + Entrepreneurship

is our passion

Founded in 2013, Unpolished exists to increase the awareness of God in the marketplace by building into entrepreneurs. 


Unpolished was conceived of and launched within a local church community by a group of entrepreneurs because they believe that faith and entrepreneurship should be integrated. The goal of this collaborative effort is to encourage, connect and engage entrepreneurs at all levels (from aspiring to established) within Cincinnati and across the country. 

Discover Talent

Unpolished is a great way to connect with entrepreneurial leaders and other talented, creative, passionate people. Many people who have met at Unpolished have even gone on to work together.

(Re)Discover Passion

When you're around passionate people, you can't help but be energized and encouraged. Whether you're just starting to think about an idea, are early in the startup phase or already run a successful business, Unpolished events will give you the shot of energy and passion that we all need from time to time.

Explore Faith

Whether or not you consider yourself a Christ-follower, you'll be inspired by the stories of the role that faith played in getting businesses started, overcoming obstacles and even landing a big deal.